A file called “Aphorisms” with the mysterious line: “Your multilingual business friend has packed his bags and fled.”

Notes from workshopping my transgenre manuscript, Opera: ” What’s a symptom and what’s the cause? What’s the thing and the sign of the thing? (Panic attacks, what is it to be a couple? cause/effect, (low level background of jobs). “

Responses to possible generic interview questions, like “Tell me about yourself?”

Notes from a conversation with J.P. about my attempts to fund a series of original translations and bilingual readings at the San Diego Museum of Art, which did happen, if on a less ambitious level than we attempted.

A file called ” Natural language versus Data Manipulation Language.”

An unidentified grading rubric.

A blank file called “Notes on Dreams.”

A file containing call numbers for several Samuel R. Delany books at the UCSD library.

A poem I think I wrote called “I have no favorite oxymoron,” in which I say that I am not in any anthologies (I am), that I cannot read German (true), at that after all this time, I seem to like Mary Ruelfle’s work (mostly true).

A transcript of the speech that U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, gave at the American University in Cairo, Egypt, January 10, 2019. I think I used this to create a procedural text.

A blank file called “EXHIBITIONS.”

An introduction for Sophie Sills 2012 reading at Agitprop in San Diego.

A text I think I wrote about UMD’s use of an incremental budget model.

A table of p-scores I calculated for a series of unknown variables (Q17A-Q20).

Two paragraphs about Bernard Stiegler’s Mécréance et Discrédit: Tome 1, La décadence des démocraties industrielles, which I may or may not have read. Perpetual cycles of consumption. I was maybe thinking about Marcuse and DeBord?

One copied and pasted section of the “Better Than Wolves” discussion board circa 2012 called “Brony Love.”

The “October 2013 Higher Education, Gender & Work Questionnaire” from the Pew Research center. Probably the source of the mysterious p scores.

A file all about my 10th house of career, public roles and reputation.

A list of therapists.

An essay I wrote about non-linear narrative and ethics: “I like the idea of creative text as transference, as a constant attempt to examine and rearticulate the ‘scene of address.'”

An annotated bibliographic entry on Edward Albee’s “The Zoo Story”: ‘ This is a one-act play with two characters, Peter and Jerry. Peter is a publishing executive who is married with two daughters, two cats, and two parakeets. I find it interesting that Peter has both cats and parakeets. It seems like a naïve combination or else it suggests an absurdly peaceful home life. “

Notes from an interview with the Poetry Foundation for a job I didn’t get, but that lead to a different job, which I did get.

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