in progress

Rest Rest Rest

I’ve been working on a series of augmentations to the first edition of my book The Rest Is Censored. I wrote this book on my daily bus commute between Carlsbad and UCSD. It was a beautiful, miserable, hour-long ride along the Pacific Ocean, and my rules were 1) to always sit next to someone, even if there was only other one person on the bus and 2) write until I was too nauseous to continue. So, like much of my work, it’s a dealing with/inhabiting la quotidienne via specific time-space-body constraints.

After the first edition of The Rest Is Censored came out, Coconut Press almost immediately closed.

The basic premise: I incorporate notes and ephemera from work into the text (again, pressure of the daily) while further augmenting the poems with thick, goopy white out. There’s quite a bit of space in the original poems because I wanted to give my reader room to rest, but the moments of rest for the reader were moments when I was throwing up or about to throw up. This time, I’m thinking about the way being overwhelmed with the details of work both erase and create the poems. We’ll see how the entire series comes out, but those are the ideas I have in mind while making them.