Tired Poem (study)

I know what a tired poem is, but what is a tired painting? I mean I know one version of what a tired poem can be.

I bibliomance to Tatiana Lipkes, a writer my age born and living in Mexico City: “esa marca aquí y esa marca aquí y esa mara y esa y”. Well, yes. That’s not a tired line.

I know what a tired child is. A tired child may or may not sleep, however, and the poem doesn’t sleep, regardless of how tired it is or isn’t.

Then work of having feelings about four nearly identical, utterly different shades of blue-grey. The work of not sneezing too loudly. 

The subject emerges from this study here and this study here and this one and this one and then it’s research and then it’s a poem.

I am looking at process maps. What happened?



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