Things I find while organizing computer files

A file called “Aphorisms” with the mysterious line: “Your multilingual business friend has packed his bags and fled.” Notes from workshopping my transgenre manuscript, Opera: ” What’s a symptom and what’s the cause? What’s the thing and the sign of the thing? (Panic attacks, what is it to be a couple? cause/effect, (low level background of jobs). “ Responses to possible generic interview questions, like “Tell me about yourself?” Notes

Currently reading

“Stolen: Five Free Boys Kidnapped Into Slavery and Their Astonishing Odyssey Home,” (Simon & Schuster 2019), by Richard Bell.  I can’t quote from this because it’s an advanced readers copy (look for the book on October 15), but thus far it’s an astounding read supported by new primary sources Bell unearthed in many different archives. Reading this book, and not to collapse struggles and histories, I’m inevitably thinking about how